Hello, my name is George Holmes; I am owner and Manager of “Boutique de Char” .  I am  an entrepreneur with years of experience in retail merchandising. I currently own and manage four commercial websites and my portfolio is set for growth through my latest acquisition, “Boutique de Char” the dedicated online African clothing store.
Although I am a proud West Indian, I am always keen to point out my African heritage, Indeed, one of my fondest memories of the Motherland is embossed on my face forever. During a visit to Addis Ababa, I was stung by an Ethiopian wasp, the resulting scar remains for all to see, right at the centre of my forehead. Yes Africa has left its mark on me.
Be sure to let him know how you feel this website can improve its service. If there is something specific you are searching for and can’t find, drop me a line; I will do my best to source it for you: admin@boutiquedechar.com 


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